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Get an overview of the main considerations—including generator type, fuel source, and electrical-connection options—so you can reliably supply your home with electricity when there's a power outage.
Professional engineer Mark Jussaume describes eight concepts to keep in mind when designing ductwork to increase efficiency and comfort. Strategies include planning for filtration, positioning outlets according to climate, and installing dampers in branch ducts rather than supply grilles.
A critical element in the HVAC installation process is making sure the HVAC system was installed according to the plan and is working at maximum efficiency for energy savings and whole-house comfort. Called HVAC commissioning, this process involves five steps. In addition to explaining how each step works, author Chris Hughes shares key questions to ask when designing an HVAC system in the first place.


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First figure out if the code considers it a garage or a storage building. Then figure out your means of disconnecting from the power supply.
Whether you're setting a recessed can overhead or a 4-in. box between joists or against one, here's how.
Avoid costly mistakes and failure-prone fixes with these in-floor heat best practices for bathrooms.

Installing Electrical

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Print and online publications, internet discussion boards, and an extensive network of tradespeople are all sources of tips, tricks, and techniques of the trade.

Starting a Construction Business

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Lake Cabin – Fine Homebuilding
Kitchen Design 101 – Fine Homebuilding
Asian-Inspired Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel in a Craftsman Bungalow – Fine Homebuilding

Building a Beautiful Kitchen

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Create strong, flush joints in your carpentry projects with this simple tool and its accompanying pocket screws. - Fine Homebuilding
Liquid flashing offers a seamless alternative to flashing tape. Here's how to do it.
Make a simple jig from scrap wood to make safe easy cuts at angles greater than 45 degrees with your compound miter saw or chop saw.

Mastered In A Minute

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Roof overhangs, gutters, and grading are the primary defenses against rainwater.
Once a piece of PVC siding is set in place, secure it with 1-3/4-in. stainless-steel roofing nails driven into the center of the nail slot every 16 in. and left a little loose. Each piece connects to the piece to its left via a rabbeted half-lap joint. Tap the siding into place so that the bottom connects to the piece below.
Fasten the starter strip every 8 in. to 12 in., leaving a 1-in. gap at corners.

Roofing, siding, and exterior house details

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Getting a first new home out of the ground can be a challenge, so we've assembled some pro tips for making the job go as smoothly as possible. - Fine Homebuilding
Getting a first new home out of the ground can be a challenge, so we've assembled some pro tips for making the job go as smoothly as possible. - Fine Homebuilding
Getting a first new home out of the ground can be a challenge, so we've assembled some pro tips for making the job go as smoothly as possible.

Building House Foundations

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When it comes to purchasing a new water heater, most buying decisions are made quickly and under duress, which means efficiency falls by the wayside. This article gives a rundown of different types of energy-efficient water heaters—tankless electric and gas models, electric heat-pump units, and condensing gas models—and explains how their efficiency is measured, and which units make the most sense to purchase depending on the fuel source.
The combination waste and vent system is arguably the simplest. So why hasn’t it caught on? Probably because, until the International Residential code changed in 2018, you couldn’t connect a food-waste disposer to a combination waste and vent system - Fine Homebuilding #Code #KitchenIsland #VentFixtures #KnowTheCode #DIY
Replacing a trap is something you can handle yourself. It’s a straightforward plumbing task that requires a minimum of materials and can be done easily in an afternoon - Fine Homebuilding


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Behind the brick lies an airtight envelope and an extravagant bath
Behind the brick lies an airtight envelope and an extravagant bath
By keeping the footprint of the house smaller, the FHB House team created a courtyard between the house and alley-loaded garage in the rear of the lot. This courtyard functions as an outdoor family room and entertainment space - Fine Homebuilding #HomeDecor #Design #Courtyard #SmallYard #YardDesign #GarageBar #FamilyRoom #YardPrivacy

FHB House - Kentucky 2019

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Large wooden deck connects house to outside art studio as well as surrounding trees.
Screened Porch
Garden Shed

Deck Building Ideas

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his simple woodshed can be built in a weekend, and sized up or down as needed. A detailed drawing and materials list shows the type and dimensions of lumber and hardware needed for construction, while photographs illustrate the process of building the shed, from preparing the base on concrete and/or gravel, to cutting the parts, to assembling the floor, walls, and roof.
This 1880s barn was rebuilt with 80% recycled boards and timbers
Build an Antique-Style Post-and-Beam Shed with Modern Construction Details - Fine Homebuilding

Sheds and Barns

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The Ultimate Modern Home - Fine Homebuilding
Start With a Steel Deck - Fine Homebuilding
Efficient, Strong Framing - Fine Homebuilding

FHB House - California 2018

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On larger jobs, rather than fill-coat by hand, Myron uses taping boxes (also known as flat finishing boxes) that apply a consistently uniform amount of compound along the seams. They require a little more setup and cleaning afterward, but they make up for it with faster production.
To spread out a lot of compound over long seams, Myron sometimes uses a compound tube that acts like a huge syringe, squeezing out the compound through a specialized applicator head. He fills the tube with a mix of all-purpose compound thinned with a little water. As he applies pressure to the handle, the tube leaves a flat ribbon of compound about 2 in. wide and 1/4 in. thick over the seam.
For the fill coat, Myron uses a 10-in.-wide box filled with thinned-down lightweight compound loaded into the mouth of the box with a pump and box-filler attachment. If you don’t want to purchase a mud pump, you can pump compound into a taping box with a compound tube that’s equipped with a box-filler attachment.

Installing Drywall

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Cracks, peeling paint, and bad patches disappear with a wide roll of adhesive mesh and two thin coats of joint compound.
Professional painter Philip Hansell shares the products and methods he uses for tackling the toughest parts of the job. - Fine Homebuilding
How to Cut Paint in a Straight Line - Fine Homebuilding

Painting a House

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When strips lap onto adjacent walls at inside corners, smooth the strip into the first wall and tight into the corner, then cut the corner from top to bottom.
Stripping Wallpaper - Fine Homebuilding
Stripping Wallpaper - Fine Homebuilding

Putting Up Wallpaper

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Exterior Trim Detail
Exterior Trim

Trim Details

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Glass tile is beautiful but different from ceramic tile in some fundamental ways. In this article, a professional tilesetter explains the best adhesives to use, when to remove the paper facing (timing is critical here,) and proper grouting technique.
Installing Mosaic Tile - Start by measuring the height and width of the area where the tile will be installed. Center the design, and size it so that you have a combination of half or whole tiles at the edges—never less or more—surrounded by a fairly even border of field tile.  To learn more pro tips on how to tile a backsplash, read Tim Keefe's full articleHow to Install a Tile Kitchen Backsplash
Installing Mosaic Tiles -  Transfer the measurements to a large piece of cardboard, and draw a full size mockup of the area to be tiled.  To learn more pro tips on how to tile a backsplash, read Tim Keefe's full articleHow to Install a Tile Kitchen Backsplash  Read more: Follow us: @fhbweb on Twitter | FineHomebuildingMagazine on Facebook

Tiles or Tiling

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Natural builder Ben Graham and custom woodworker Mike Lamp demonstrate how they recently designed and built a 3-1/2-in.-thick R-10 wood door using salvaged cherry lumber.
The proportions of the jamb extensions should reflect the proportions of the door. I use a story pole to transfer rail heights from the door to the jamb extension. It’s important to note, however, that the extension has one more rail than the door.
Starting with a prehung door, you can create an elegant vestibule by adding frame-and-panel jamb extensions.

Doors and Entryways - Mudrooms

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An option—especially suited for a double-stud wall— is to create a stepped opening. Make the outer rough opening normal size and the inner opening wider than normal. This won’t enable the door to open a full 180°, but it will significantly increase the opening angle, and you can flare the inner portion for even wider access. A downside is that it reduces the amount of insulation near the door, though you can break the thermal bridge at the framing by adding a layer of rigid-board insulation on the interior side. Adjust the width of the inner rough opening and use a plywood gusset aligned with the wall to tie the two walls together.
Bedroom Door

Doors and Entryways - Other

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These trusses, which overhang the foundation wall, will have 2×4 blocking cut to fit between the top chords above the foundation. We check pairs of neighboring trusses for plumb (and temporarily brace if necessary) so the blocking pieces are cut and installed at the correct length.
When we have to move a truss that’s already nailed to the mudsill, we use a sledgehammer to coax the offending truss into alignment. A sacrificial board screwed to the end prevents damage.


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The inspiration for this built-in bench at the foot of the stairs came from the Samuel Tilton Staircase in Newport, RI by McKim, Mead & White, masters of the "Shingle Style".  Built in 1881, the historic house is known for its beautiful textured surfaces and open floor plan.  The timberframe, warm wood tones and richly colored fabrics in the home featured here create a welcoming space to move through or to pause and reflect. Design by MaClay Architects. Photo by Susan Teare.
The wood treads on this open stairway add just enough warmth to balance the cool tones of the surrounding concrete walls. Designed by Rehkamp Larson Architects, Minneapolis, Minn. Photo by Ken Gutmaker.
The twin staircases could hardly be more straightforward, yet each is refined by a surprising number of subtle details. The most obvious being the tapered newel posts and bottom tread the wraps around the stair wall. Design by Estes Twombly Architects of Newport, R.I. Photo by Ken Gutmaker.

Stairs and hallways

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Pendant light $129
Benches. Island. Light.
Strip tape is revolutionizing the way designers light countertops, built-ins, and architectural details. - Fine Homebuilding


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How it Works: Wall Framing - Fine Homebuilding
Bringing Back Balloon-Framed Walls - Fine Homebuilding
Framing Tips - How to Straighten a Wall - Fine Homebuilding

Framing a House

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Cozy up to this fireplace for the holidays Production Overview: The site is surveyed, a 3D model is made, steel is water-jet cut, sandblasted, sanded and painted with a custom patina solution - Fine Homebuilding
Use these tips to design and create a long-lasting, heat-throwing firebox based on the traditional Rumford fireplace. - Fine Homebuilding
These three separate outdoor spaces provide examples of ideal fire feature placement while highlighting expansive views. - Fine Homebuilding #Outdoor #Landscaping #OutdoorEntertainment #HomeDesign #OutdoorDecor #Fireplaces #Pool #EntertainmentArea

DIY Fireplaces

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Should Your Old Wood Windows Be Saved? - Fine Homebuilding
Replacing a Basement Window - Fine Homebuilding
Replacing a Basement Window - Fine Homebuilding

Window Installation and Inspiration

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a man using a table saw to cut wood with the words making wood countertops
How to Make Wood Countertops
Although the beauty of a well-crafted wood countertop is obvious, its durability is not. Dan Vos, a custom woodworker who specializes in countertops, shows in this article how to construct a countertop that is both beautiful and durable enough to hold up under the challenging conditions of a kitchen.
an image of the inside of a door frame and its parts labeled in english or german
A Door Jamb that Doesn’t Need Casing
The trim for this door-jamb system is an integral part of the actual door frame. With the door jamb made of a single piece of wood, rabbets on one side form the stop, while plasterboard fits into the dadoes on the other side
how to mix concrete by hand in a wheelbarrow with text overlay reading how to mix concrete by hand
How to Mix Concrete by Hand
Some people might assume that it’s easy to mix concrete: Buy a bag of premix, dump it in a wheelbarrow with some water, and mix it up. Sounds simple, until you get a face full of concrete dust or spend 5 minutes mixing a bag when it should take only 2 minutes. Here’s a method that makes light work of what can be a tedious task.
an image of a roof that has some things on it and is labeled in english
Guide to Low-Slope Roofing
A good low-slope roof (3-in-12 pitch or lower according to the National Roofing Contractor’s Association, or NRCA)—rarely gets any attention. A bad one brings the kind of attention nobody wants.
a bathroom with plumbing diagrams and instructions for plumbing systems, including the toilet, sink, tub
Three Designs for PEX Plumbing Systems
Incorporating manifolds into the layout can save water and energy because you eliminate most of the pipe between the water heater and the faucet. Although blue (cold water) lines are shown in these layout examples, hot-water layout would be similar. Three design options for PEX plumbing systems are: trunk-and-branch systems, home-run manifold systems, and sunbmanifold systems.
an image of the inside of a house showing different parts of insulation and how to use it
The No-Mold Finished Basement
Carpenter Andy Engel demonstrates a reliable way to make a basement comfortable and dry by insulating from the inside using rigid foam.
a man working on some wood with the words, a simple approach to raised panel wanscot
Build Raised-Panel Wainscot
Raised-panel wainscot speaks of a time when craftsman had an abundance of skill, and the time to display their talents. With the right materials and information, however, the process can be simplified, making the project much less expensive and far less time-consuming. This article explains how to do just that.
a man working on the roof of a house with text overlay that reads how to install tongue and groove sheathing
Install Tongue-and-Groove Sheathing
When floor sheathing is glued and nailed to the joists, the result is a strong, flat, and stiff structural system. Sheathing also provides a base for the wall framing and the finish flooring. In most cases, carpet and wood strip flooring can be installed directly over the sheathing without additional underlayment. Deck sheathing is typically plywood or, as it was in this case, ¾-in.-thick tongue-and-groove (T&G) OSB. Here's how to install it.
a man working on a ceiling with the words how to build a coffered ceiling
How to Build Out Coffered Ceilings
In building the coffered ceiling described in this article, carpenter Gary Striegler didn’t use box beams, a common approach to coffered ceilings, and he did as much work as possible on his worktable. Striegler provides a step-by-step account of how he built the ceiling, from measuring the space, to framing the beams, to attaching the panels, to installing beam sides as boxes and attaching the beam bottoms and molding.
an instruction manual for building a pergola with instructions to build the pergola
Building a Pergola
This pergola will add character, beauty, and versatility to your landscape. You can use it to add just the right amount of shade to a patio or you can integrate it into a deck as shown here. Or you can make this same design freestanding to define and shade a particularly nice spot in your yard. - Fine Homebuilding #Backyard #BackyardProjects #HomeProjects #Pergola
a man is working on an unfinished cabinet
How to Add a Laundry Chute to Your Home
a person is working on some wood with the words build a decorative transom
Build a Decorative Transom
the diagram shows how to build a baseboard
How to Correct Tipped Baseboard
Tipped baseboard occurs if the drywall stops short of the floor. To correct it, drive a drywall screw into the wall behind the base to straighten it out before applying the intersecting piece.
an image of a wooden frame structure with parts labeled in the text above it,
Framing an A-Dormer
An A-dormer differs from most other dormers in that its gable wall is built in the same plane as the exterior wall of the house below it. It’s just about the only dormer that looks good when not recessed into the roof.
a man standing on top of a wooden roof next to a pile of construction materials
10 Golden Rules of Framing
Check out these bits of framing advice the Fine Homebuilding editors all wish they'd known the first (and last) time they strapped on their tool bags.