Moldavian ASSR (orange) and Romania,

A 1917 British map showing territories with majority Romanian populations.

The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest: a huge construction built with great sacrifices. The hauntings in the most impressive building of Romania -

Stavropoleos Monastery, also known as Stavropoleos Church during the last century when the monastery was dissolved, is an Eastern Orthodox monastery for nuns in central Bucharest, Romania. Its church is built in Brâncovenesc style.

5 architecture influence in Bucharest


Muzee din Bucuresti - locurile in care descoperim trecutul

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Bucharest

Travel inside the commie building that would make a royal palace blush.

The great escape: how Bucharest rolled entire churches to safety

When Bucharest faced a radical redesign in the under communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, engineers moved complete buildings hundreds of metres on metal tracks to preserve the Romanian capital’s architectural heritage

The Top 10 Things to Do and See in Bucharest

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Best Things To Do in Bucharest for the First Time Visitor

Best Things To Do in Bucharest for the First Time Visitor