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two cartoon characters one is holding a cupcake and the other has an ice cream cone
I'm Married & Can't Stop Crushing On All My Friends
I seem to have a really hard time getting close to anyone, male or female, without developing feelings for them. Since marrying almost 10 years ago, the frequency of these uncomfortable — or maybe too comfortable — friendships has gone down
two photos of the same person holding scissors in front of an advertisement for their phone
a woman standing in front of a t - shirt with a black and white cat on it
the man and woman are posing for a photo with their thumbs up in front of them
World Touched By Harrison Ford’s Words To His Wife At 2024 Critics Choice Awards
two screenshots of people dressed in costumes, one is dancing and the other is singing
two pictures of people and a cat with caption that reads, old man's treasures by karl gusow might be one of the greatest paintings of all time like hell yeah that sure is treasure
the pinkie is looking like she's getting ready to fight
No one painfully astral projects like Gaston!
two cartoon characters in front of a painting with caption that reads, this is your queen? that's a man in women's closet
Never got that joke till now omfg I need to rewatch this movie just to see how fucked up things are in it
two pictures of people in red coats sitting on the snow
two screenshots of children in halloween costumes
21 Hilariously Honest Tweets That Graced Our Timeline This Week
the tweet is showing how to use subs on their cell phones and what they are saying
a baby laying on top of a bed wearing sneakers