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an old book with different designs and numbers on the pages, all in black ink
I just loooove the flower in 92! Soooo clever!!! - (1) / Photo # 27 - Book1 - miroslava388
an old fashioned tattoo design with different designs on it's sides and the letters i,
очень красивые инициалы (буквицы) русских рукописных книг XIII-XIV вв
a painting of a woman with her head in the air and hands behind her back
IC.XC__Σταυρωση " Αποκαθηλωση-Ταφη " _ΠΑΣΧΑ
an icon depicting the twelve stations of jesus
Orthodox Apostles Tree Medallions | PDF
Orthodox Apostles Tree Medallions....толкование БИБЛИИ тут Иоанн 13; 21-26 и далее все ответы ИЛИ