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green toadstool

Polyplab on Instagram: “Amazing from #polyplab #reefpro @aquaman_shalom! ☝🏻😎👍🏻”

@polyplab posted on their Instagram profile: “Amazing from #polyplab #reefpro @aquaman_shalom! ☝🏻😎👍🏻”

Is it possible to have a reef tank look like this? What do I need?

Hi, I have a 55 gallon saltwater tank that is currently cycling. I have a 40-70 gallon Aquaclear filter, 40lbs of live sand, and about 20-30 lbs of...

Project Noah | Networked Organisms And Habitats

Project Noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

Pedro Gomes’ 50 gallon reef is OMG awesome

If you want to see what an aquarist can achieve with 50 gallons (192 liters) of seawater, here is your benchmark. You owe it to yourself to watch Pedro's latest video in HD (720p at minimum). The only thing that is higher quality than the video production is Pedro's tank itself.

Where can I find a pink or orange toadstool leather?

Where can I find a pink or orange toadstool leather? Soft Coral Keepers

Sun Coral - open

Starting to get great colour and growth from this sun coral (Tubastraea aurea).

Aquarium Care Tips for Saltwater Fish

In general saltwater fish are usually a little more difficult to maintain than their freshwater cousins. That being said, it is not necessary to be an expert in

Green Mandarin Dragonet: Diet | Breeding | Size | Cost |Guide

Green Mandarin Dragonet are amazing and stunning fish. They need very careful feeding requirments and you need to ensure you have a suitable tank.

37G Shallow illuminated Reef tank

Page 1 of 10 - 37G Shallow illuminated Reef tank - posted in Members Aquariums: FTS Shallow illuminated I (June 2011)FTS Shallow illuminated II (June 2012)I started set up this tank on june 2011 in Bangkok Thailand, about 7months at the moment. Tank detail are provide belowConcept rockscape : Lagoon and watch from top viewMain tank: 24x24x15Sump: 20x15x15total water capacity : 200 LSkimmer: Bubble magus NAC7 Chiller: Hailea 300ASalt: Reef crystal franceTemp: 25 C.Light: Eco lamp 12"...

I have some of these in my tank! :) Watermelon Zoanthids #sealife #sealife #text… - World of Animals

I have some of these in my tank! 🙂 Watermelon Zoanthids #sealife #sealife #texture


Información, cuidados y curiosidades El Xenia sp también es conocido como Xenia pulsante, Xenia pumpum o elongata. Generalmente es de color café, marrón o rosa pastel. Es muy curioso observar cómo,…

Sea Creatures, 3

Beyond my wildest imagination, here are some of the incredible creatures that can be found under the sea. These sea creatures come in a stunning variety of

Colony Rock - Zoanthid Coral - Super Pink (Zoanthus sp.)

Neon Green Hairy Mushroom

This Rhodactis mushroom has either a purple or green base and bright green tentacles. This variety can grow very large. You will receive a single polyp.