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paper cut out of different shapes and sizes on a brown background with words written below
an app with pictures and instructions on how to use the sewing machine for making socks
instructions to make a doll's feet and legs
Шьем куколку Настеньку из «Сказа о Ясном Соколе»: подробный мастер-класс: Мастер-Классы в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
an image of someones leg with stitches on it's side and the red line in between them
Tutorial Completo Para Hacer Muñeca De Tela Articulada 639
there is a colorful display with many items in the box and skeleton figurines
Peruvian Retablos
Retablos by Claudio Jimenez- "music shop of the dead"
an old rolled up piece of paper with leaves on it
The Iso Dye Club ecourse reflection
Eco-printing on paper with blackberry leaves and a rusty can. A lesson from Week 4 of the Iso Dye Club - a ‘use what you have, pay what you can’ eco-printing ecourse by Louise Upshall from Gumnut Magic. Find out more from
two small stuffed animals sitting next to each other
a bug that is sitting on the wall
Mister Finch
a close up of a cloth bug on a white surface with holes in the fabric
a pink bird with long black beak and needles sticking out of it's head
van der Winkel