I really like this picture for many reasons. The train in the background is a nice interesting background to look at. I like seeing the train from down below (a new perspective). The creek is a leading line to look above at the train.

Mmm...so perfectly moody with the fog and trees.

Railway through Wilderness of Britsh Columbia. Photo by Bench & Compass

The abandoned railway of Dinorwig, Wales.  This is an old slate quarry that's collapsing, hence these impossible railways!

The abandoned railway of Dinorwic, Wales.The Dinorwic Railway was an industrial railway connecting the slate quarry at Dinorwic in Caernarvonshire with the coastal port at Y Felinheli. It was closed in 1843


One of my favorite photography subjects: anything railroad-related [tracks/rails/train cars/crossing signs]. Another plus to living in Waseca, lots of railroad/train photo opps.

Old Train Awesomeness

abandoned rail cars -how about creating a wall feature with one of the sides?


Railroad photo shoot operating steam locomotives, historic rolling stock, and maintenance equipment


Road (rails) to nowhere thema Tracks to the unknown in Ferintosh Central Alberta, Canada ~ Photo by JoLoLog©