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a bowl filled with candy on top of a black and white checkered table cloth
Cereal Bowl Resin Ashtray - Fruit Loop Ashtray With Milk & Spoon - Fake Food Glass Ashtray - Pop Art Decor - Rainbow Cereal Trinket Tray
Fimo, Decoration, Art Deco, Sanat, Deco
a hand is holding a small yellow and brown plate with different toppings on it
two cupcakes with whipped cream and a strawberry on top are held in a pink container
there is a small grave in the shape of a box that says here lies my ashes
Air clay ashtray DIY ideas
a clock with pink flowers on the face and gold hands is shown in front of a wooden door
Floral wall clock
three pink plates and two cups on a white carpet
Kit tabacaria em resina 💖
there is a pink cake and other items on the table with it's name tag
kit sesh tray cherry fake cake
hello world I'm your CHERRY BOMB! 🍒💖🍁
a hand holding a red and black glass box with an image of a woman on it
Пепельница "ДЪяволицаа" на OZON
Озон название магазина: Epoxy Friend
a purple and silver frame with a woman's head in it on a black background
three yellow rubber ducks floating in a blue water filled square container on a white rug
ash tray with ducks