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a man laying on top of a couch covered in pillows with the caption when u're cold and to lazy to get a blanket
Only lazy people know the struggle - Funny
this picture represents when i go to my sister house and i don't feel like getting up for anything.
a monkey with the caption when people sing happy birthday to you and you just sit there like
15 Hilarious Monkey Memes To Brighten Your Day
monkey meme about being sung "happy birthday" to with pic of monkey smiling awkwardly
When you're the only person.... Funny School Pictures, Tenk Positivt, Funny School Memes, Humor Mexicano, School Memes, School Humor
When you're the only person....
When you're the only person....
an old woman in black is holding her hand out with the caption gody kios otwozy chipsy jaa
30+ Hilarious Memes That Will Improve Your Mood