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the cake toppers are made to look like silhouettes of people and animals on sticks
L'Atelier des Rêves
L'Atelier des Rêves
a lego car with a solar panel on it
Solar Powered LEGO Car
Check out this awesome solar powered Lego Car - what a great science project for teaching kids about solar energy and the environment.
an energy word search is shown in this image
11 Science Heat Energy Worksheets With Answer
the energy crossword puzzle is shown in black and white, with words below it
Energy Crossword Puzzle
A 20 question printable energy crossword puzzle with answer key. Modify with your own questions and answers.
Advanced earth day-themed crossword puzzle for kids ages 8 and up Printables, English, Parents, Reading, For Kids
Planet Earth Crossword Puzzle
Advanced earth day-themed crossword puzzle for kids ages 8 and up
two wooden circles on top of each other with red, yellow and blue circles in the middle
İlknur Arıkan
a plate with marshmallows on it sitting in an open box that says, how to make a solar oven
How to Make a Solar Oven | Science project |
the energy choices game is shown in this cartoon style poster, which features an array of different colors and shapes
Energy Choices Board Game
Energy Choices Board Game | Howtosmile
an energy poster with the words energy and other things to see in this image on it
Non-renewable & renewable energy worksheet
a bulletin board with different types of energy and words written in green, blue, orange, and white
Science / Matter 2nd Grade with Mrs. Wade: Anchor Charts
I would utilize this anchor chart to stretch the many forms of ...