Canicula este periculoasa si pentru oamenii sanatosi

Discover 12 principles of healthy eating that women with great bodies know that you can implement in your own life to transform your body.

Convulsiile febrile

Lead pollution devastated Flint, MI, but its a problem in more than communities. The EPA needs to be proactive to protect kids' health. signatures on petition)

Hemoragia nazala (epistaxis)

Hemoragia nazala (epistaxis)

Riscurile aparute in urma muscaturii de caine

It's important to teach puppies how to use their mouths softly, a process called bite inhibition. Learn the steps to teaching a puppy bite inhibition, an important part of dog bite prevention.

Primul ajutor pentru fracturi, luxații și entorse

Both sprained ankles and broken ankles are painful and result from similar injuries. An ankle sprain is an injury to the ligaments that join bones to each.

Primul ajutor in caz de accident de masina

Should CPR be a high school class that is required to be taken in order for a student to graduate? I feel that CPR is very important to know. One never knows when they will need to assist someone whose only chance of surviving are to have CPR admin