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Old Vienna & Coffeehouse - Welcome to the Chess Museum

The old Vienna or Coffeehouse style evolved from the earlier Biedermeier chessmen - probably influenced by the arrival of the Staunton style! These sturdy and serviceable chessmen - fairly easy to.

Chess cake with a puzzle: Checkmate by White in two moves.  Caramelized apples and Bavarian mousse.  Modeling chocolate decorations.

Chess Cake With A Puzzle Checkmate By White In Two Moves Caramelized Apples And Bavarian Mousse Modeling Chocolate Decorations Chess cake.

How To Ganache A Cake - A Step-By-Step Tutorial ~ Sweetness & Bite

Step-by-step tutorial on how to ganache a cake. Starting with how to make ganache, right through to getting sharp edges and a perfectly level finished cake.