Sighisoara, Romania, the only inhabited medieval citadel in Europe

dreamsmoneycanbuy-: Sighisoara, Romania, the only inhabited medieval citadel in Europe

Mocanita - Viseu

Take a ride in the oldest steam powered train in Romania, the Mocanita. FYI - The Mocanita inspired us, and became our logo, hence the Next Stop, Romania!

Biertan fortified church

The fortified church from Biertan,placed on a hillock in the middle of the locality, is an exemple characteristic for the fortress-church family, placed in localities from Tarnave area, in the so-called Country of the Wine from Transylvania.

Danube Delta

Danube Delta The Danube Delta is perhaps the least inhabited region of temperate Europe. In the Romanian side live about people, of which in the port of Sulina, which gives an average density of approx. 2 inhabitants per km².

Vaserului Valley, Maramures

Three Romanian Experiences that give you a Feeling of ‘Back in Time’ Travels

The Casino  from Constanta!

Constanza, I was here as a child / Black See

Mogosoaia Palace, near Bucharest.

Beautiful Romania: Mogosoaia Palace, near Bucharest

Castelul Teleki Ocna Mures

Castelul Teleki Ocna Mures - Teleki old castle.

Cisnadioara biserica fortificata (Cisnadioara fortress)

Cisnadioara biserica fortificata (Cisnadioara fortress)

Poenari Castle

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