MIHAELA Farauanu Rofel

MIHAELA Farauanu Rofel

MIHAELA Farauanu Rofel
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ADHD Classroom Tips: Ask mom or dad to go over this and discuss it with your teacher - that way you'll be more comfortable in class ! 8D

Two Awesome Visuals On ADHD for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This is a great reminder for teachers with ADHD students that I will be sure to remember when I am a teacher.

Essay writing services offer by Essay Bureau is are much affordable that enables students acquire good grades. #goodargumentessays

Seminar Bookmarks: language for classroom collaboration. Use these to help your students communicate with groups, patterns, or whole class discussion.

Good information For Parents and Teachers. ADHD #coaching

For Harrison-ADHD strategies.wish I had known this 10 years ago when we found out the boy has ADHD!---Great tips! I am glad more and more people recognize this isn't a behavior problem or a bad parenting issue.

10 Simple Ways to Show Students You Care...read all about them.

The best way to get students motivated in a certain class is to show them that you care. These methods are really awesome on how to actively do this. This is being proactive in their lives.