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Purses And Bags, Upcycled Bag, Backpack Pattern, Bag Making
two small bags with stuffed animals in them hanging on a wall next to a light switch
a black and white striped bag with a flower on the front, sitting against a brick wall
For Kids, Diys, Tricot, Etsy, Sew
two stuffed unicorns are hanging on the wall next to each other with wooden sticks
Unicorn on stick, unicorn head toy, hobby horse, unicorn head on a stick for children ride, head toy
This pink hobby unicorn is made of artificial fur so resembling real hair, so very realistic tactile sensations-you will want to stroke him more and more. Unicorn is fully handmade with quality materials: artificial fur, cotton/poliester yarn, hypoallergenic feeling ****MORE HORSES AND UNICORS IN MY ETSY SHOP****:
a hand is holding three sticks with flowers on them, and two are made out of fabric
a close up of a crown on a bed with a black ribbon tied around it