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a man standing in front of a crowd with his hand up to his face and the words, when my time comes forget the wrong things that i've
chester bennington | Tumblr
Beautiful Legend Chester Bennington ❤🤘 #makechesterproud #linkinpark #chesterbennington #iamthechange #320changesdirection
a person walking down a road with the words i wanna to find something i've wanted all along somewhere i belong
I've never heard this song, don't kill me if I should have, but these lyrics are so true; it's the best feeling finding something to live for
'Somewhere I Belong' Linkin Park lyrics Soundtrack, Lyrics To Live By, Song Lyric Quotes, Love Songs
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'Somewhere I Belong' Linkin Park lyrics
an image of a man in front of a tv with his hand up to the camera
a drawing of a woman sitting on the floor with her head in her hands and words written below
catalyst on We Heart It
AHAHAHA!! LOVE IT!! LOVE YOU!! U guys remember that fake witch playing best friend .. My man went under my shirt not to have her talk to him or look at her..