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an advertisement for rice krispy kreme with marshmallows on it
Rice Krispies Treats
Did you know you can personalize the cups of marshmallows in your homemade Rice Krispies Treats? Try adding more or fewer marshmallows depending on how gooey you like your treats!
a piece of cherry chip poke cake on a plate
Cherry Chocolate Chip Poke Cake - Easy Cake Mix Recipe!
a stack of cookies with sprinkles and a glass of milk in the background
Easy Cherry Chip Cake Mix Cookies (Only 4 Ingredients!)
two pieces of cherry chip cheesecake bars stacked on top of each other in front of the rest of the plate
Cherry Chip Cheesecake Bars - A Contest-Winning Recipe (5 Ingredients)
three pieces of green and white candy with nuts on top, stacked together in a pile
Pistachio Fudge
Pistachio Fudge//flavored with instant pistachio pudding mix
green cookies stacked on top of each other with the words, pistachio pudding cookies
Pistachio Pudding Cookies
a pile of powdered sugar covered lemons
Love making these and giving them out as gifts! Best part? No baking required!
three decorated cookies sitting on top of a table
Christmas Sugar Cookies | Recipes | Betty Crocker
Easy Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutouts
frosted christmas cookies on a cooling rack with the words soft & thick frosted christmas cookies
Soft Frosted Christmas Cookies
a piece of strawberry cheesecake dump cake on a plate with the words, only 4 ingredients
4-Ingredient Strawberry Cheesecake Dump Cake
Strawberry Cheesecake Dump Cake is a super simple, four ingredient recipe that's ready in just thirty minutes. #dumpcake #dessert #strawberry #cheesecake #food #yummy #recipe #cake #strawberrydesserts
strawberry shortcake kabobs with whipped cream on them
Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs - 2 Ways - the most Requested Dessert for Summer Parties.
Have you tried Strawberry shortcake kabobs? Take your strawberry shortcake up a notch by using fresh strawberries and pound cake on skewers. This makes for a fun, easy, and delicious dessert that is perfect for Summer gatherings.
Watermelon Rice Krispies
how to make cake pops with chocolate covered oreos and a birthday candle on top
How to make Cake Pops
two different views of a pie with ice cream on top
Dutch Apple Pie Recipe - Cooking Classy