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a keychain made out of beads and metal with a small figure on it
Friendship Bracelet Loop Tutorial
the instructions for how to crochet an orange and black braid on a white background
a cross stitch pattern on the app
bracelet tutorial
several bracelets are lined up on a wooden bench with the caption'couple bracelets his her friendship '
a red beaded keychain with a black and white eyeball on it
Alpha pattern #56567
a knitted sweater with two metal buttons attached to it
someone is holding up a card with a keychain attached to it that says happy birthday maddie
Alpha pattern #21971
Alpha pattern #21971 | BraceletBook
two keychains made to look like elephants with tassels
matching dino keychains
two red and green knitted objects on a black surface
Alpha pattern #25002
an image of a web page with different colors and patterns on the front, side and back
Normal pattern #25797 variation #15323