This sign is the truth. We do live in a rape culture and if people think the things people wear make it okay or provoke them to rape then that is the same as people believing it would be okay to break someones face because of how they act

I got enough of "inspirational words" when my (ex)husband made me join Amway.<<<coffee over inspirational quotes 👍

"Men of quality do not fear equality. Fear you will lose power? We will share it

"Men of quality do not fear equality." First used as a feminist quote (I belive), but this clearly is a statement to promote any equality issue !

I knew it- ...copy 😂😂... ❤️ahk

people who are into kinky sex may be psychologically healthier than those who are not.

Strut Your Stuff: What Your Posture Says About You | lovelyish

Walk like you have three men walking behind you. -Oscar de la Renta Or you could walk however the hell you want because this is the century and our lives do not revolve around men sorry this quote really irks me because its written by a man for women