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Burse de excelenta pentru tineri cercetatori oferite de Institutul de Cercetari al Universitatii din Bucuresti

It's finally here!! The Complete Life Science Interactive Notebook that covers an ENTIRE YEAR and is aligned to the NEXT GENERATION SCIENCE STANDARDS! You and your students are going to love it - it's just AWESOME!


My students turned my whole classroom into a giant cell! Each group of students built an organelle (with a rough scale model in relation to the size of the classroom) and presented them to the class. I love this because it helps students really connect

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Food Chain Pyramid

Fourth Grade Life Science Worksheets: Food Chain Pyramid Worksheet

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Amazing Life Science Ideas from Amazing Teachers

Fun with Dichotomous Keys-- jelly beans, monsters, and beads


Dissection models for life science and biology - fetal pig, grass frog, sheep or cow eye, earthworm, and more! Read to find out why they're perfect for your classroom!

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Life Science Crossword: Plant and Animal Cells

Life Science Crossword: Plant and Animal Cells Worksheet