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So it may have been years in the making, but we finally did it… We finished our mausoleum for our yard! We planned on this being a multi-part project and thought we’d just “slap i…

How to Build a Halloween Mausoleum!

An ominous sign from my Halloween Haunt.
Katzper's yard haunt scarecrows Inspiration for scarecrow scene near swamp shack?
Worked today on the witch / cemetery shack for our yard haunt. We have been given tons of pallets. Hoping to save the facade somehow to use again next year. Decided to put the witches and cemetery scenes on the large lot next to our home,.,, that way we can do a long walking path out to it. Will be super creepy! And we are putting the pumpkin patch and less scary things up in front of the house, I'm also adding curtains so I can put a lamp/light to illuminate it from inside. The
50+ Tombstone Sayings For Your Halloween Yard Haunt

50+ Tombstone Sayings For Your Halloween Yard Haunt

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Something wicKED this way comes....: A wicKED opinion on yard haunt lighting.
The purple lighting in this haunt is perfect
Bridge for Halloween yard haunt, spider webs all around it. Build a solid structure with no give in the walkway. then cover with 1" foam from the local fabric store. Cover the foam cushion with your catwalk slats...
Tombstone sayings for your Halloween yard haunt

50+ Tombstone Sayings For Your Halloween Yard Haunt