Celebrating Baby's First Christmas @Holly Elkins Elkins Holdredge this one is cute too!

Browse through a little inspiration and DIY ways to capture the perfect christmas photo at home. Get 14 adorable holiday photo ideas for baby, on Babble.

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This must be the brother of my mom's large dark yellow tabby that she had when I was a child. He repeatedly jumped on the dining room table when her back was turned, and she was never able to break him of the habit!

So cute, was thinking lets do this with all the cousins but, they are not all little anymore & probably end up looking...

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Santa Babies - Anne Geddes Wallpaper from babies. Sadly I don't know the name of the Print but I do know the work of this amazing photographer, Anne Geddes. Her ability to work with babies and capture these amazing photos are beyond words.

You can get these lights that are battery powered, so NO electricity......meaning safe.

Pinned said "You can get these lights that are battery powered, so NO electricity.meaning safe. Last I checked battery powered lights were still electric.

Xmas pictures for 6 month old

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SET Love is in the Air- Chiffon Ruffle Bum Baby Bloomer Diaper Cover and Legwarmers with chiffon ruffle- Christmas Photo Prop (Newborn Christmas Pictures)