Warrior Angel. Angels and Fairies - close enough. :) This piece is amazing, regardless.

Now if you are fan you know what the ultimate Alpha Male is when you meet Raphael

Relic by yigitkoroglu - fully armored, with only a sliver of unaturally exposed skin by the chest

30 Mind Blowing Fantasy Artworks

Firefly The fantasy genre is dominant in games and digital design. Here’s a showcase od 30 Mind Blowing Fantasy Artworks.

Golden Warrior Angel by Shannon Valentine

Fantasy Warrior Angel Art Print Golden Warrior by ShannonValentine

no signature by artist, beautiful warrior angel

Athena is the angel of war and wisdom. Named after the Greek goddess Athena, she& extremely.

Resultado de imagem para warrior angel

Resultado de imagem para warrior angel

Dark ANgel by mmmprod

Dark ANgel by mmmprod

Arabel the True

Arabel the True Skill One of the first Angel Soldiers, and twin sister of the fallen Yzabel. After losing her to Chaos, Arabel focused on recruiting and training fresh Soldiers for the heavenly army, but she never refuses to fight demons if required.