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George Bennett, a dapper-looking had many poaching convictions and assaulted a police constable whilem, one of the first mug shots ever taken in britain

1940s men's hats styles. Homburg, Fedora, Porkpie and straw Panama are the most common styles. Learn and shop at

1940s Men's Hats: Vintage Styles, History, Buying Guide

mens hats came in several common styles such as the fedora, trilby, straw hat, homburg and porkpie. Learn about and buy style vintage men's hats

I imagine Yank and the others wearing this.                              …

The Language of Manliness: Manly, Manful, Man Up

bowlersandhighcollars:  Australian WW1 soldier, Reginald Gardiner. 1918.  The Daily Telegraph

Exhibition: 'Portraits of War: The Crown Studios Project' at the State Library of New South Wales, Sydney. "Australians die under the Rising Sun. 'Reginald Gardiner' c.