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110 Propagandas Antigas da Coca Cola   Comunicadores

110 Propagandas Antigas da Coca-Cola

Coca Cola ads of Stunning Working class ladies from the 1889 till present days.

Vintage coca cola bottle drawing - Google Search:

This piece shows line art because this is a gesture drawing. The drawing creates a condensating Coca-Cola bottle with the darkness of the shades and shadowing.

Vintage Coca Cola Shopping Cart 2-Bottle Holder w/ 2 Coca Cola Glass Bottles

Vintage Coca Cola Shopping Cart Holder w/ 2 Coca Cola glass bottles. You would walk around the store drinking your Coke, then leave the empty bottle.

Coca Cola Old Ads:

Coca Cola Old Ads. When Coca Cola was first invented it was suggested to use as headache relief. It contained a small amount of cocaine, thus the name.

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Ad-Coca Cola 1939 - I am aware this is an illustration , but men really seemed much more handsome back then.

Coca-Cola Thirst Asks Nothing More 1939 - Coca-Cola is more than a brand or a logo. It’s a part of American culture - for some people attitude to life and lifestyle. The Mad Men Art Collection presents more than 200 vintage Coke ads.

my inspiration theme for my kitchen, down the green bottle color for my kitchen counter top.

SPRITE BOY Sprite Boy actually predates the Sprite drink by a couple decades. The elf was a cola man at his conception in the By the time the lemon-line drink was launched in the early Sprite Boy was already retired.