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Ville Valo: you know, smoking is disgusting, but goddamnit if he doesn't make me want a cigarette.

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ville Valo, resembles Brandon Lee so much

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I genuinely get depressed thinking about how Ville and I will never be together...

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ville valo

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Ville Valo should be listed as my obsession...

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ville valo Senin yüzünden muhatabım şu salaklarla...

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HIM & Heartagrams: Ville Valo in 1999

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ve mavi kelebek uçup gider!: "AŞK KALPLERİN CENAZESİDİR" - Tribute to "Funeral Hearts" of Him...

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Ville Valo - my idea of brutal perfection. He may not be generically beautiful but it's a rich, sexier beauty in both skin and personality. A humbling glory

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