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such cowards, torturing a mentally disabled classmate for 48 hours, scum, nothing but scum

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To some this may be funny. To me, it's just More Of The Same about this Disgusting, Vile Man. We now have this Horrible Human Being because Millions of Hateful Idiots didn't think about Our Great Country First before voting for this Abomination!! The President Elect likes Golden Showers aka Women Peeing on Him!! OUR COUNTRY IS OFFICIALLY IN THE TOILET AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING AND LAUGHING!! God Help Us!!

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We need to squeeeeze, hard..

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(18) News about #TinyFingeredPuppet on Twitter

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Communist bastard

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PUKE!! Those 2 words will NEVER cross my lips!! #notmypresident #nevertrump

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The shep will believe it never happened. That Obama made it up. Whatever shit that their tiny brains can come up with so they don't have to hurt themselves thinking too hard!

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I have already heard this justification used numerous times.

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Andy Borowitz

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