In fact, some fall in love with the great outdoors so much that sometimes such a retreat is later extended into a lifestyle. Such is the case for filmmaker Zach Both, who converted an empty cargo van into a one-of-a-kind camping van/work studio.

Easy method to add screens to your car/truck windows. Cut screen two or 3 inches bigger of window, Place screen on window than place small magnets all around to hold screen. Or sew strip magnets into margins.

The 10 Coolest Sprinter Camper Vans on Instagram

Camping Lights - Sprinter Van in Yosemite overlooking Half Dome - hanging bags for each use or each person.

HOW TO CONVERT A MINIVAN TO A CAMPER We converted our 2001 Ford Windstar minivan to a comfortable camper with plenty of storage for traveling. We used milk crates with home made plywood lids to create.

We designed a removable, plywood sleeping platform with storage underneath for our Toyota Hiace van. It’s comfy, it’s warm and we’re delighted that all the pieces actually fit. So… - Tap The Link Now To Find Gadgets for Survival and Outd

The BuddyBox represents a smaller, more flexible modular van conversion option. Not only can BuddyBoxes convert your van into a full camper, they can make it a tailgating party wagon, a picnic in the park, a sports support vehicle and more.

44 Cheap And Easy Ways To Organize Your RV/Camper. This photo: "And if you were planning a remodel, slide out surfaces in general can be huge space savers.

DIY Insulated van or RV window coverings. Insulation and privacy for the budget minded, DIY-ing, van-camping, nomad. Step by step instructions and commentary. (Camping Hacks Tips)

Essential Winter Camping Hacks The brisk morning temperatures of fall and winter are in full swing and an extra blanket at night is coming clutch ❄️

23 Awesome Camper Van Conversions That'll Inspire You To Hit The Road