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Imagine "Cum se manifesta instinctul sexual pentru cele 9 tipuri de personalitate"

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Secretele celor 16 tipuri de personalitate din testul MBTI

de la Myers & Briggs

sol4rplexus: MBTI type compatibility - myersandbriggs

sol4rplexus: MBTI type compatibility --- I am INTJ, and my husband is ESFJ, my least compatible match (according to this chart) because both must compromise and practice empathy. Except we do! And I think we have an even better marriage because of it. That makes him my perfect match! He is the practical side of our plan for world domination ;) It does make me laugh though, I have always joked about how different we were - and here is proof haha!


Conform unei cercetari efectuate de Dr. Carol Ritberger, o specialista in psihologie comportamentala de renume mondial, exista patru tipuri de personalitate in lume si fiecareia ii corespunde o culoare si un anumit comportament in dragoste. Ce culoare esti?

Codul personalitatii. Matricea celor paisprezece tipuri de personalitate

(partea a doua) Secretele celor 16 tipuri de personalitate din testul MBTI

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