Uber contemporary bathroom with timber floor and walls

I had no idea there was tiling that imitated wood flooring like in this bathroom! If we got something like this installed, it would allow our bathroom floors to match the rest of our flooring. However, it would be less prone to water damage!

Wood wall panels http://31.media.tumblr.com/7e7fa2169ba00d65b9f1b5249fdf03ca/tumblr_mvqx7ctkrP1rolzgko1_500.jpg

From a Storefront to a Condo in Montreal

Espace St-Denis by Anne Sophie Goneau. (via Espace St-Denis by Anne Sophie Goneau

Holz kann ja auch partiell eingesetzt werden ...

"Reclaimed wood accent walls make a lovely backdrop to a moody room. You don’t have to cover the whole wall, just a small section works too. It will do the job without having to go overboard on it.

This is such a great Idea I have the perfect cabinet I could so redo!


Pin for Later: How to Make an Ikea Cabinet Look Like a West Elm Stunner She used small trigger clamps to hold the wood panels to the door and attached the panels with wood screws to the doors.

Van donker naar licht by Ik Ga Bouwen

Uses the box shape we like as well as interesting inset balcony and use of wood on the first story.

Stone floor & accent stripe

I would replace the pebbles with blue glass tile to give a waterfall feel but I love the other tile - Dream Homes