15 Images You’ll Understand If You Love Rereading Books

15 Images You'll Understand If You Love Rereading Books

the selection quote. just read the first one and loved it! can't wait to read the other 2.

the selection quote. just read the first one and loved it! can't wait to read…<< Hun.

seriously, all she says is that she needs time and when he tells her that she freaks. come on now america.

I was so angry at America dating Maxon and Aspen. I knew it would blow up in her face, some time.

Why Kiera Cass<<<kiera cass is the only author untill now that made me like a character that i hated before. and then she had to kill celeste. bravo, kiera, bravo

Pirates Of The Caribbean. I love Johnny Depp especially in pirates. I love his facial expressions and sass.

The Selection Quote: Break my heart. Break it a thousand times. It was only ever yours to break. • This is only for the book page, the frame is NOT INCLUDED. This is a perfect gift for any Selection Series fan! The quote is printed on a page from The One by Kiera Cass and we use high quality ink. This makes every page unique since each Print is on a completely different page. No two are alike! • The size of the page varies between 8 X 4.9 - 5 in • The frame in the picture is 10 X 8 in. ( ...

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Seriously dead when all of the itens are compatible with me. Complaining that you have no social life even though 9 times out of 10 you CHOOSE to stay at home with a book.

See but I like her in The One bc she really opens up to America and mellows out. She and Mer end up allies

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Trusting the repubics to actually stand up for us, the American people over the illegal alien invaders is just not gonna happen.