The Script.  The day I fangirl at these men, you can call this grown woman a…

The Script - excellent band from Dublin. Very much enjoyed their portion of the show.

The Script - Hall of fame

The Script - Hall of fame <<< is it bad that I saw "you can go the distance" and my first thought was that it was slightly altered lyrics from Disney Hercules?

The Script Lyrics

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Superheroes- The Script ♥♡♥

Superheroes- The Script. 167 beats per minute, perfect to power through that last rep 😍

Man who can't be moved - The Script ((Before I get judged... just love this song, not pinning it because I can't get over you know who)) haha

How can I move on when I'm still in love with you - "Man who can't be moved" The Script lyrics

The Script

So I went to their concert and Danny was trying to get us quiet and we were relatively silent but then we all just start screaming again and he laughed AND HIS LAUGH IS THE CUTEST THING EVER