Oh and that time Omarion guest starred as "15 Cents". | 26 Reasons "The Proud Family" Was Awesome

26 Reasons "The Proud Family" Was Awesome

The Proud Family

15 Reasons Why Dijonay Jones From "The Proud Family" Is Everything

Here's What The Cast Of "The Proud Family" Looks Like Now

This Is What “The Proud Family” Looks Like Today

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The show hit on a lot of topics, like Penny's struggle to understand her heritage.

...who was dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school... | 26 Reasons "The Proud Family" Was Awesome

The show was full of so many unique characters. Like, Penny's friend Dijonay Jones.

I got Penny Proud! Which Member Of The Proud Family Are You?

We Know Which Proud Family Member You Are

The Proud Family <3 #BestDisneyCartoonEver! :)

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The Proud Family is an American animated television series that ran on Disney Channel for 4 years.

The Proud Family all grown up!!!! I loved this show.

Casting The Live-Action Proud Family Movie That Does Not Exist