The New Yorker is experimenting with GIF covers!

'The New Yorker' Does Its First GIF Cover

Artist Christoph Niemann created an animated version of his cover for The New Yorker magazine depicting New York City traffic on a rainy day for the Octobe

This weeks The New Yorker. Artwork Malika Favre Art Editor Françoise Mouly Editor: David Remnick Click here for more covers The New Yorker on Coverjunkie

Favre presents her cover of the Summer Fiction Issue. Plus, a slide show of past summer-reading magazine covers.

Saul Steinberg's "View of the World from Ninth Avenue" (Cover of the New Yorker from March 29, 1976)

The 35 Best Magazine Covers Without Celebrities

Mad magazine reimagined Saul Steinberg’s iconic 1976 New Yorker cover as seen by the problematic Apple Maps app.

Read about this week’s cover, “Fall Library,” by Tom Gauld:

Cover Story: Tom Gauld’s “Fall Library”

This week’s New Yorker cover by Tom Gauld. “ When Tom Gauld sent the first sketch for this week’s cover, “Fall Library,” we discussed a variant where the woman was holding an electronic-book reader.

The New Yorker (US)

The New Yorker - Monday, November 2013 - Issue # 4523 - Vol. 89 - N° 37 - Cover “Last Straw” by Adrian Tomine

Christoph Niemann discusses his multi-dimensional cover for the Innovators Issue.

Cover Story: Christoph Niemann’s “On the Go”

September 24, 2001 - Françoise Mouly and Art Spiegelman. The silhouetted Twin Towers were printed in a fifth, black ink, on a field of black made up of the standard four color printing inks. An overprinted clear varnish helped create the ghost image. Más

The Greatness of Art Spiegelman’s ‘New Yorker’ Cover Art

The New Yorker - September 2001 Cover By Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly

The New Yorker - Monday, May 16, 2016 - Issue # 4639 - Vol. 92 - N° 14 - « The Innovators Issue » - Cover “On the Go” by Christoph Niemann 2/2

Christoph Niemann illustrates the New Yorker’s first augmented reality cover

missed connections   “We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.”    ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Adrian Tomine / cover of The New Yorker magazine, November 2004 . depicts man and woman subway passengers reading the same book, making eye contact as trains pass in tunnel

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Top 80 des plus belles couvertures du New Yorker (ou presque)