Which on of the Lion King characters is most like you?

Which Lion King Character Are You?

"so many people tell me that it doesn't matter cuz its in the past, but the way i see it you can either RUN from it, or LEARN from it!"

This Movie Taught Me So Much

Ah, yes, the past can hurt. But the way i see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it - the Lion King . Love this quote

The Lion King delivering wisdom for 20 years

Rafiki, acted as simba's really world representation of his superego. By pushing him to return to the pride lands during a time in which he was indulging in id satisfying behavior as an out cast with timone and puma.

Simba from The Lion King.

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This Is The Hardest 'Lion King' Quiz You'll Ever Take. The first major character who appears onscreen in the movie is.

The Lion King family tree…  keepin' it in the family, lions. btdubs. mheetu is thrown out of the pride for being a boy and not being simba, and kiara's brother is killed by zira. woot lion king.

The Lion King family tree…

Funny pictures about The Lion King family tree. Oh, and cool pics about The Lion King family tree. Also, The Lion King family tree.


*MUFASA ~ Lion King, 1994 "Remember who you are, you are my son and the one true king.