An amazing television mini-series with a terrific cast leading off with Jeremy Irons and telling the story of Alexander VI - Rodrigo Borgia

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The Borgias (TV Series Jeremy Irons, François Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Colm Feore) The saga of a crime family in 1492 Italy.

The Borgias - Cesare, Lucrezia (Francois Arnaud, Holliday Granger) and the pope Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons), his concubine Vanozza Cattaneo (Joanne Whalley)

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I'm becoming obsessed with The Borgias.especially the storylines of Cesare Borgia & Lucrezia Borgia.

Lucrezia Borgia (Holliday Grainger) 'The Borgias' 2011-. Costume designed by Gabriella Pescucci.

Lucrezia Borgia (Holliday Grainger) 'The Borgias' Costume designed by Gabriella Pescucci. It's partially that the dress is gorgeous, but it's mostly that Lucrezia Borgia is actually wearing clothes.

The Borgias - Lucrezia Borgia

The Borgias - Lucrezia Borgia (The costumes featured in this show are reproductions of fashions.

The Borgias  The dialogue and narrative of this TV series were mundane, but the costumes were magnificent!

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Here as Lucrezia Borgia on The Borgias. Costume designed by Gabriella Pescucci.- silhouette From The Borgias, stunning