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/ Between the three of us we have, 5 legs 4 eyes and 21/2 pairs of working lungs, but we also have 2 dozen eggs /

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effyeahnerdfighters: yasminwithane: The Fault in Our Stars <3 obsession. It’s pretty much impossible to fit all the amazing quotes fro...

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30 Things Only Minnesotans Will Understand

A book that you could literally throw at anyone's face and it wouldn't hurt nearly as much as the story>>> AMEN!!

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I have like seen tfios like a million times and I'll watch it a million more, but I can't watch it without crying.

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Excuse me while I cry...

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This was probably one of my favorite parts in the movie...he was so freaked out! Haha

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This makes me develop a dull ache in the depths of my chest.... I love and reasonably can not handle John Green....

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'The Fault In Our Stars’ Quotes "It's a metaphor."

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The Fault in Our Stars Fandom

Literally as soon as hazel said "an imperial affliction ended mid sentence" that was my first thought..

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this picture is beyond beautiful I'm crying

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