Jane Porter from Disney's Tarzan by princekido

Jane from Tarzan

Tarzan You'll Be in my Heart 8x10 Poster by LittoBittoEverything

You'll be in my heart ~ Tarzan

Tarzan inspired valentine.

One of my fav Disney couples🌸🦍✋🏻🌍🌏

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351 × 829 pixels More Notes: Body proportions/stature for Tarzan should be highlighted in what he wears.

jane drawing tarzan- his hair dominates his entire upper half


Day Favorite couple Tarzan and Jane

tarzan and jane

Tarzan and Jane - Tarzan

Young Terkina "Terk" from Disney's "Tarzan"

Gorgeous film and fun songs!

Tarzan (1999)

My favorite Disney Movie ever. And the first Disney Movie I saw in cinema.

Tarzan, one of my favourite disney films!

Tarzan inspired Mother's Day design.

incorporate these lyrics with a dove tattoo for aunt steph


I love when Tarzan takes Jane to see endless birds. I like that she isn't a princess and that she draws and teaches Tarzan about people and love. Just a beautiful Disney movie.

ARGGHHHHHH!!!! -- Tarzan

The detail in this one image sow the dedication that the artists put into making a production ---- a dedication hardly found these days Tarzan Jane Art Disney

Be a pirate or die : Photo

Tarzan - Strangers like me


i love this movie- Jane and Tarzan are one of the cutest Disney couples ever!

Why so sad Jane Porter?

Jane found a wild man who could only speak gorilla, and she not only taught him how to speak English she actually learnt his language, and then she gave up her dainty English life to live in the jungle with the man she loved.