Spectator Lace Up Oxfords

Comfy Classic Brogued Spectator Lace Up Oxfords L Heels

Comfy Classic Brogued Spectator Lace Up Oxfords L Heels in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Shoes, Flats & Oxfords

"1940's Big Bang Swing Dance," Caroline reads from the paper. "Friday, December 10th, 9:00p.m. Live music provided by Fat Joe and The Naughty Swingers. Dress to impress, evening or 1940's attire."

[Dancing To Nite, New Gardens, Times Square, New York] by Weegee from International Center of Photography

Swing Dance Family tree. Didn't even know this existed...News to me that modern jive is a swing dance.

This is what I've been trying to figure out, how Swing dances evolved! It's the Swing Dance Family tree!

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap dancing in "Swing Time"

Dance double feature

The dance where I fell in love with Ginger and Fred: Ginger Rogers with Fred Astaire in George Stevens’ film, “Swing Time,” 1936

The Trashy Diva Streetcar Dress in Irish Polka!

Retro Dresses

Swapped for my Katherine dress** The Trashy Diva Streetcar Dress is back in the new Irish Polka print!

I wanna learn so bad!!  Swing dancing looks like sooo much fun!

Aaaaaah I LOVE swing dancing so much I wish I wasn’t a beginner and that I was a pro and could do competitive swing/lindy hop!