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The gang in each age we get to see them in... I have to to say Race to the Edge is my favorite!!!

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Hiccup is my favorite character. ♡ I wished there would be an episode where Hiccup gets amnesia and the other Riders have to reteach him about Dragons. Of course, it ends in disaster as Hiccup is the best in the Dragon business. That would be so funny!

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Wow, look how big they can grow! I think that means Toothless is about a young-adult/teen night fury. As he's hiccups age

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Toothless in his natural element: the dark

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Aw, Babies by on @deviantART. THE CUTENESS!!!!!

Aw, Babies by on @deviantART. THE CUTENESS!!!!!

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Hiccup and Toothless on their Night Flight. Hands down, one of the coolest pictures of them ever!

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Кошмарный Пристеголов

The Dragons of Berk

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WHY DO THEY HATE ME?! I thought they were so beautiful and then Stoick's happened and UGH

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Poor Toothless. :)

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