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Figurative Language STATIONS - Common Core

Fun, motivating stations for figurative language and sound devices get students thinking deeply and creatively! You get 8 different stations with task cards and inviting student handouts for each. Students identify and analyze figurative language, and then brainstorm to apply their knowledge in imaginative ways.

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Decorating a dorm room can be a daunting task for anyone, let alone a first year college student. Rarely will you find yourself faced with so many unique design dilemmas at once! Even for the experts, it can be hard to know where to begin when you’re trying to turn a drab dorm room into … Continue Reading

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Number Puzzles for Third Grade Math Stations

Number Puzzles for Third Grade engage students in using a variety of models, strategies and equations when solving problems.

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Positive Messages for Students That Truly Pack a Punch

Are you a teacher who is looking for new and fun ways to inspire your students using positive messages? These sticky notes are a unique way to infuse inspiration and motivation in your classroom! Giving your students more encouragement and hope is a win for student success!

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Writing With Nonverbal Students

Writing with Nonverbal Students- tips and tricks plus FREE Printable

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LinkedIn Tips for College Students

How to create the perfect linkedin profile in college! Don't let LinkedIn overwhelm you with these easy tips for students!

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Restating the Question Lesson

Restating the Question Anchor Chart. Helps students visualize how to put the question in the answer!

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9 Ways to Differentiate Your Whole Group Instruction

Here are 9 ways you can differentiate your whole group instruction. These differentiation ideas will really help you meet each student's needs during the lessons you already teach.

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5 Ways to Calm Down Upset Students!

How to Calm Down Upset Students | 5 simple ways to get students to relax when their nervous, stressed or anxious!

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Bell Ringers for Secondary Students

5 activities to use as bell ringers for secondary students. Start class in an orderly, fun way.

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