Experiencing "fika"in Sweden - having coffee and cake with friends. Try one of these top coffee shops in Stockholm.

our favourite coffee shops in stockholm

Sweden is home to true coffee lovers, and so it is hardly surprising that Stockholm is full of amazing coffee shops - here are our favourites!


The Perfect Long Summer Weekend in Stockholm

Sweden and Finland walking down the streets at night in fall when it's moderately cold. Hand in hand with the streetlights and people around them.

Stockholm is expensive. But the truth is, you can do loads of fun stuff without spending a single krona.

100 cheap and free things to do in Stockholm

13 must-see places in Stockholm, Sweden for first time visitors. What to see and do when in Stockholm?

Things to Do in 3 Days in Stockholm

Your Stockholm weekend guide: the best meatballs, city views, shopping, museums and more!

A Weekend in Stockholm

How to spend a weekend in Stockholm: where to stay, where to eat the best meatballs, what museums to visit, and where to shop until you drop.

Stockholm, Sweden by @51countriesandcounting

The Swedish health care system is mainly government-funded primarily through taxes. Private health care also exists. Sweden's health care system has a decent reputation, as it is used as a model to other countries.

Södermalm: The Hipster Island of Stockholm

Södermalm Guide: The Hipster Island of Stockholm

Illustrated maps for The Debrief! Now more desperate than ever to visit Scandinavia

Stockholm Map by Livi Gosling. Discover restaurants, bars, shops, clubs & cultural hotspots that locals love in Stockholm:

An Insider's Guide to Stockholm (& other places of interest) on The Travel Hack

An Insider's Guide to Stockholm

9 Musts of Stockholm

9 Musts of Stockholm

In this Stockholm mini-guide, you'll find a carefully curated shortlist of the best restaurants, food shops, bakeries, and museums in the city, plus gift ideas!

Stockholm Mini-Guide