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Fibonacci Blocks and Fibonacci Spiral

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PHI: The Golden Ratio or Golden Section - a unique Ratio (or relationship between parts) that seems to be preferred by Nature as the best geometry for growth, energy conservation, elegance and has some fundamental relationships to the platonic solids and the Mandelbrot set. It was formally discovered by the Greeks and incorporated into their art and architecture, but it has been shown to occur even in prehistoric art, possibly as a function of Man's natural affinity for it's beauty.

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Golden Ratio | Golden Ratio Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image: 6245787

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Chameleon Tail - The Golden Ratio - Fibonacci

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Sacred geometry – Fibonacci Principle and Proportions

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Love this concept of the Fibonacci spiral= each square drawn is the sum of the last two squares drawn! Beautiful proportion lesson from The Helpful Art Teacher: THE SPIRAL

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Bits, Pieces & Slices of Life

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sprial everywhere

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Fibonacci_exemplo aplicado

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spiral art: lilac spiral © Gill Hobson 2011

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