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nervous system is an extensive network that channels nerve impulses from your brain to virtually every cell that makes up your body. This chart shows some of the integral relationships between the spine, nervous system and the body.

Location of Spinal Cord Injuries

Around people suffer a severe spinal cord injury. Some stemming from car accidents, sports injury, falls especially in the elderly, gunshot and knife wounds and many others. Your spinal cord is.

incomplete spinal cord injury infographic

Incomplete spinal cord injury infographic by Apparelyzed. This is what I am considered: Incomplete Quadriplegic

Paraplegia - Quadriplegia Information

Quadriplegia and Paraplegia Information and Infographic

Quadriplegic/paraplegic Quick reference to share material about spinal cord injury (SCI). See it everyday and always seem to learn something new

Ascending and descending tracts of spinal cord

Ascending & Descending tracts of spinal cord -

Brain and spinal cord with the meninges still intact. Viewed posteriorly

scienceyoucanlove: “ Brain and spinal cord with dural membranes (meninges) still intact, held aloft and viewed posteriorly. Below the skull and around the spinel cord are three special coverings.

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Spinal cord injury is one of the most complex medical challenges. Help us find effective treatments to benefit thousands of people every year