Vintage Disney World Graphic Poster for Space Mountain.

Vintage Walt Disney World poster - Space Mountain. Favorite ride growing up! Miss going to florida every year!

Space Mountain roller coaster

WDW Space Mountain Train - on my very first trip to WDW, this was the very first ride I went on, and I've loved Space Mtn ever since!

The Demise of the World's Most Dangerous Amusement Park

The Demise of the World's Most Dangerous Amusement Park

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom - Space Mountain - interior rollercoaster, standard track, no inversions, seats are cars similar to log ride cars with seatbelts and rails.

This is intense my grandmother almost peeed her pants

Perhaps the most famous indoor roller coaster (along with its namesake rides at other Disney parks), Space Mountain offers more psychological than kinetic thrills.

9 Stunning Vintage Disney Attraction Posters: Space Mountain | Since the first Space Mountain indoor roller coaster opened in 1975 at Disney World, other versions of the attraction have been introduced at Disneyland and at the other Disney parks around the world.

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