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Silent Hill. One of the scariest games

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Silent Hill fanart by on @DeviantArt

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Silent Hill Hospital art

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As I sit upon the stairs to the large church, he approaches, knife dragging behind him. "Pyramid Head..." I whisper, quickly standing and drawing a deadly sharp dagger from my boot. I simply back away and enter the church, blocking the massive doors with a pew. I then walk around the large hole that enters the mine fire, where poor little Alessa lies and I sit, waiting.

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I loved the nurses from Silent Hill were awesome.

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Silent Hill 2. So guilty he gets two pyramid heads.

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Silent Hill 4: The Room Concept Art

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Dude... If I saw that. I would scream, lock all the doors, windows, close the blinds, and pray to dear God that he won't find me.

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Silent Hill: Saga Poster by

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Silent hill. I must learn how to recreate this.

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