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Schuco Showroom / Mânadelucru

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Mosaics and tiles for home design・Florim Gallery・Casamood

paint and number file cabinets. Mask numbers and outside and paint fronts with black or white spray paint. Place class projects as photo placards

Reminds me of the kind of room I've always dreamed of...except with silk cloth hanging from a brass ring in the center and draping to the room edges and all along the walls...BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!!!

The Very Fabric of Architecture: textile use in construction

La Scarpa, Sofia, 2014, simple white shelves and lights to display shoes

White shelves hang from concrete walls at shoe shop by Elia NedkovDesign and implementation of luxury interior acoustic solutions / Scandinavian Interior Design / jp / www.

bright paint color

30 Wall Painting Ideas-A Brilliant Way to Bring a Touch of Individuality

permanent display area in a consignment or resale shop. and the perfect, always-ready backdrop for photography!

Showrooms | Silverwood Flooring | Toronto

Silverwood is a leading Toronto-based supplier of residential and commercial flooring. We specialize in flooring solutions for high rise residential and commercial projects, as well as custom luxury flooring.

Skechers TR Casual Showroom,© Safak Emrence

Gallery of Skechers TR Casual Showroom / Zemberek Design - 5

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