This is The Most Fashionable & Functional Shower Cap!  This shower cap is perfect for extending your blow outs and other hair styles.  Its also perfect for keeping your hair frizz free and completely dry in the shower.  It is machine washable and the design is beautiful! | SHHHowercap

Shhhowercap: The Most Fashionable & Functional Shower Cap

Shhhowercap: The Most Fashionable & Functional Shower Cap - Beauty, Decor &

Features: -High-quality double layer fabric design. -Oversized to fit all hair types. -Secure elastic keeps moisture out. -Waterproof. -Studio Dry collection. -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 7.

-Oversized to fit all hair types. -Secure elastic keeps moisture out. -Overall Height - Top to Bottom:


Sew Your Own - An Easy Shower cap Tutorial

Shhhowercap - Shhhowercap | Sephora

Shop Shhhowercap’s Shhhowercap at Sephora. The shower cap is made of a premium nanotech fabric in a turban silhouette.

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In 1922 James Taylor started importing damask linen from Ireland. Inspired by their great uncle, Lynne Taylor and her sister Debra began designing their own linens. Taylor Linens continues the family

Taylor linens shower cap

Made with a crisp, elegant percale weave on the outside and a durable waterproof liner on the inside. Gift wrapping is always on us!

A great style shouldn't be ruined in the shower. Keep your hair soak-free with this waterproof nylon exterior and 100% terry-cloth lining, for the ultimate comfortable fit. Ever the multi-tasker, we also advise turning your cap inside out during your weekly hydration treatment for extra deep conditioning benefits.

Style Saving Shower Cap by eSalon - Everlasting Locks (Hearts): Locks out moisture with waterproof nylon exterior to maintain your hairstyle. New and improved larger size available in four styles. Ideal for all hair types.

Nana knew what she was doing with shower caps and rollers.

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Make a Shower Cap with a Plastic Bag Step 6.jpg

Make a Shower Cap with a Plastic Bag

How to Make a Shower Cap with a Plastic Bag. This is the easiest technique to make a shower cap with plastic bag. Find a plastic bag which is clean and medium sized. If you have short hair, you can use the smaller bag

Spray painted shower caps... make jelly fish!

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Baby Shampoo Caps! Clever Baby Items

Check out the baby shower caps! Probably one of the most clever inventions for baby products that I've seen in a long time!