A lo Shawn Michaels aka. The Heartbreak Kid (HBK) aka. The Most Honored Champion In WWE History aka. The Main Event

HBK Shawn Michaels 4 Ever! "The HeartBreak Kid" "The Showstopper" "The Headliner" "The Main Event" THE LEGEND  #RESPECT

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Shawn Michaels Poster by Chirantha

Shawn Michaels Poster featuring his various looks & ring gear throughout his career.

Triple H - 6

This isn't Triple H and The Heartbreak Kid - this is simply Paul and Shawn.

Shawn Michael

Greatest wrestler of all time. The heart break kid shawn michaels

HBK  old & new Wwe Wwf

I loved wrestling growing up with my brother. He was my favorite wrestler.

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Shawn Michaels. <3

WWE's king of bad hair, fashion and life choices but no lie, he is like my guru of wisdom.

HBK! Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels xxx one of my favourites pictures of Shawn so beautiful

Shawn Michaels. Lord have mercy!

As decent of an example of a human being overcoming obstacles as anyone.