Shadow The Hedgehog by on @deviantART

Heres Sonic! Third part out five for my wallpaper. Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to SEGA Heres the others! Shadow:&n.

the flower of wars by on @deviantART Sir Lancelot

(I made this but not the pic of shadow and that hedghog girl i wish) Shadow picks up a flower thinking about his girlfriend Alesana. Shadow : i love you, forever dont ever forget it me, my sweet love 🌌

Shadow the hedgehog (cosplay Deadpool)

Shadow the hedgehog (cosplay Deadpool)

Sonic Adventure 2... 16 year old me thought this was just so sad. HAHAHA!

This picture reminds me of when of when shadow died in sonic X and sonic adventure I cried my heart out.